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    Oct 2019

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Nord VPN

A NordVPN -t 2012 -ben hozta létre négy kedves barátunk, hogy olyan innovációt hozzanak létre, amely felszabadítja az internetet.

A NordVPN névre keresztelt név a bizalom, a bizalom és az innováció északi szimbóluma.

Biztos lehet benne, hogy minden adata titokban marad
Bármilyen rossz is a helyzet, biztonságban maradhat az interneten
Bármilyen eszköz használatával biztonságban érezheti magát
Nincs korlátozás az interneten
Segítség a nap 24 órájában rendelkezésre áll

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NordVPN$3.56 2019 okt

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A különböző ügyfelek különböző módon szeretnek fizetni, és a Nord VPN lehetővé teszi, hogy mindet magáévá tegye

Nord VPN - credit
Nord VPN - MasterCard
Nord VPN - debit
Nord VPN - prepaid cards
Nord VPN - bitcoin

Nord VPN néhány szó

A NordVPN titkosítja az internetes forgalmat, és elrejti IP-címét és fizikai helyét. 6 eszközön működik egyszerre, minden nagyobb platformon.

20 Hozzászólások

NordVPN Customer

Jun 09, 202001:44
Amazing for personal banking or if your country does not let you watch some shows of other countries. 👍❤love this app.

Jennifer A. Bowers

Jun 03, 202011:59
NordVPN ripped me off. It took the whole first "free" month to get it to work on my system. Then it worked for a day or 2 and stopped. I communicated constantly by chat and email trying to get it to work. Everything they suggested worked for a day or 2 then stopped. It went on for so long that they started recycling their suggestions, and I was starting to get the same emails they sent in the beginning. When I asked for a refund, I was reminded that my one month free trial had expired. Yes, it had, but as I said, I got about 2 days of service in that month. Friends had recommended NordVPN because it is what their company uses, so they went to bat on my behalf and complained. It didn't work. NordVPN has my money, they have no motivation to provide their service. (I might add that I spe...


Jun 03, 202001:04
How do I cancel my service, this has been a waste of money I don't really know what it does Try to use it in my computer my computer said it was a virus and it shut my computer down had to buy a new one

Richard Boyle

Jun 03, 202001:06
I have been hacked several times. With NordVPN for all my online financial requirements and sensitive communications that is now part of history. I recommend this product without hesitation.

Aziz Ur Rehman

Jun 03, 202001:09
Hi! When Nordvpn announced nordlynx i wanted to test it, today i purchased the subscription and speed is amazing. I am getting 95% of isp speed. Along with that it unblocks every streaming service. I am really satisfied with my decision to go with Nordvpn. I would like to share to people reading this to go with nordvpn, its the only major vpn service to roll out wireguard protocol to million of customers. Not only that i can also get Nordlocker and Nordpass service with nordvpn subscription as announced today. That is great value for $12 a month. Other than speed, nordvpn also excels in privacy as i can read its audit control from my account dashboard. There were previous unfortunate events but i am ready to forget it as Nordvpn promised more than ever to provide its users with value an...

NordVPN Customer

Jun 03, 202001:20
Reliable VPN, generally very fast, and very quickly able to live chat with operators in case of problem.

Brian Geldart

Jun 03, 202005:17
The variety of the offerings is very good and the cost of the service is very affordable. Sometimes it there are problems in that the stream locks up and it is necessary to re-start a program or change to a different server. This is very frustrating and it is not due to my internet service which has a download Speed of 200mbps.

NordVPN Customer Larry

Jun 04, 202001:14
Love it except when I use it my Outlook Express program does not work. I get and error on sending but receive fine??? Can you help?


Jun 04, 202007:21
Totally useless. A VPN should not only protect your privacy for a few hours. It should guarantee that you privacy is ALWAYS protected without compromising your work. It is acceptable that communication would be a bit slower, or that you would experienced some minor drawbacks since, at the other end of the link, you are not seen as yourself but as some other entity, determined by the IP address that is used by the VPN server to replace yours. For example, this IP address might have been blacklisted, depending upon what the previous users have done from it. These are understandable and acceptable drawbacks.But you must also be sure that if the VPN falls down, your communication will not be exposed. For this, you need what is called a kill switch. A kill switch is something that will kil...

NordVPN Customer

Jun 04, 202001:03
Please don't share our details with anyone. Especially Google service and products. We trust your service morthan any other services

Tnf Tomas

Jun 04, 202010:04
Excellent service and fast support thanks Leon

Ross Carpenter

Jun 05, 202003:16
Adverts are the most spam adverts I have come across would not ever use this company as a result

Tyler Joseph hughes

Jun 07, 202010:08
Bought 2 subscriptions as I entered my email address wrong the first time, I emailed customer services but no response


Jun 07, 202002:46
Been the only one i have been using so far and I am extremely satisfied with it.

Team Raven

Jun 07, 202006:49
I have just bought NordVPN and it's the best VPN I have ever tried! I will do a quick review on what I think of this VPN.Pricing: 3/5Application: 5/5Speeds: 5/5Streaming: 5/5Settings: 4/5Servers: 5/5And yeah, no VPN is perfect. But I highly recommend using NordVPN!


Jun 07, 202009:31
The best website in vpn and the best customer service that distinguishes them

Miguel de Matos

Jun 08, 202008:29
Simply the best VPN provider around. No bullsh*t, clear interface, regular updates and new features added.

NordVPN Customer

Jun 08, 202011:23
Great service, been using it for years without any problem.


Jun 09, 202003:18
Used to be able to pick my san Francisco server individually by number. Now the app has removed that capability which i dont like. Performance is not as good!

NordVPN Customer

Jun 05, 202002:26
By far the he best VPN I have tried.